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Terms and Conditions

The prices for the procedures listed on I Need a Surgery include the facility fee, the surgeon’s fee and the anesthesiologist’s fee. The initial consultation with the Ambulatory Surgery Center surgeon is also included, as is uncomplicated follow-up care. The duration of postoperative care is different for each surgical procedure. Our guarantee is to eliminate surprise costs and provide you with transparent pricing for your procedure. A list of what is NOT included in the fee is as follows:

  • Any diagnostic studies necessary prior to the surgery scheduled with I Need a Surgery. This includes lab studies, MRI, X-rays, consultations with specialists to determine medical risk/management, physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Any hardware or implants necessary for completion of the procedure (plates and screws, e.g. for orthopedic procedures). This price information will be provided prior to surgery so that you are always aware of all costs. Our experienced Care Managers often know what will be needed to complete your surgery and these hardware or implants will be provided to you at invoice cost without any markup whatsoever. Copies of your invoices will be provided to you so that you know exactly what you are paying for.
  • Any overnight stay at the ASC we have scheduled your procedure at can be arranged on a case-by-case basis for an additional charge. Lodging and travel expenses are not included in the price of the procedures.
  • Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of your surgery and discharge from the facility are also not included.

The list of procedures on this website is a partial list of procedures available in this pricing model. If the procedure you believe you require is not listed on this website, feel free to call one of our Care Managers to inquire about availability and pricing. The prices listed are averages of patients who have had their surgeries completed at different ASCs across the country, so your own costs may vary. The ASCs that I Need a Surgery schedules with are able to offer these prices due to the lack of expense in processing the claims and the absence of risk for non-payment. Alternative payment arrangements can be made with human resource departments or divisions of self-insured entities if necessary. Once again, if you are scheduled for surgery though I Need a Surgery and insurance is to be filed by us, these prices listed on our website may not apply to you.


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