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SLAP Lesion Repair

SLAP is defined as superior labrum anterior and posterior. When a SLAP injury occurs, the top portion of your labrum can be significantly damaged and lead to severe pain and discomfort. If you are in need of arthroscopic shoulder surgery, you can save time and money on your shoulder procedure with I Need A Surgery.

How do I know if I need a SLAP lesion repair?

If you start noticing any of the following symptoms, you should seek the advice of a trained surgeon.

  • Pain when lifting objects over your head
  • A popping, locking, grinding or catching in your shoulder
  • Feeling as if your shoulder is going to pop out of its joint
  • Diminished range of movement
  • Diminished strength in your shoulder
  • Pain when moving your shoulder

How is a SLAP lesion repair procedure performed?

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is commonly used to repair injuries to your labrum. During the procedure, a small camera is inserted into your shoulder joint. With the images displayed on a television screen, the surgeon can use them as a guide to repair the joint. Since the instruments are miniscule in size, only small cuts are needed, rather than a larger incision.

What is the recovery like after a SLAP lesion repair?

After your shoulder surgery, you need to protect the repair while your labrum has the chance to heal. A sling is worn for two to four weeks following the surgery. Depending on your injury, the time is going to vary. Once the swelling and pain has diminished, you will begin physical therapy. Therapy is aimed at improving your flexibility and range of motion.

How much does SLAP lesion repair surgery cost?

If you were to go through a hospital to have the shoulder surgery completed, you would be spending upwards of $66,000. If you book your surgery through I Need A Surgery, you will only have to pay about $6,600 with transparent, up front pricing at an ambulatory surgery center.

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