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Total Shoulder Replacement

There are around 53,000 Americans that undergo total shoulder replacement surgery every year to regain normal functioning of their shoulders. If you are suffering through shoulder pain that is getting in the way of life, you can schedule your procedure with I Need A Surgery at an Ambulatory Surgery Center near you.

How do I know if I need a total shoulder replacement?

There are a number of reasons why individuals opt to have total shoulder replacement. If you are suffering with severe pain in your shoulder that limits your regular activities, moderate to severe pain even when resting, weakness or loss of movement in the shoulder, or a lack of improvement when going through other treatments, surgery might be the solution you need to restore movement and strength in your shoulder.

How is the shoulder replacement procedure performed?

During your, all of the damaged parts in your shoulder will be taken out and replaced using custom-made artificial components. Either the humerus bone alone is replaced or both the ball and socket are replaced together.

The surgeon will take time to evaluate your shoulder before a final decision is made on what type of replacement you need. In a total shoulder replacement, the arthritic joint is replaced with a metal ball that is attached to a plastic socket and a stem. They are either press-fit or cemented into your bone.

What is recovery like after a total shoulder replacement?

After leaving the hospital, your arm will have to remain in a sling for about two to four weeks. Staples where the wound is will be removed within a few weeks following your procedure. Any sutures that are underneath your skin don’t have to be removed and will dissolve on their own. Be careful not to soak your shoulder in any water until the surgical area has completely dried and sealed. Continue bandaging your incision site to eliminate any irritation from your clothes.

It is common for you to experience some pain for the first few weeks after the surgery. You won’t be able to drive a car for at least two to four weeks following the surgery.

Exercise is important to ensure a full recovery. During the first few weeks, you will need to follow the exercise plan provided by your surgeon or physical therapist to help regain strength. Within a couple weeks after surgery, you will be able to eat, dress, and get ready for the day on your own.

How much does a total shoulder replacement cost?

I Need A Surgery can get you the procedure through the Surgery Center Network for just a fraction of what hospitals charge with their surprise medical bills. I Need A Surgery pricing is exclusive of any implants or other hardware and is only an average. Your actual cost might be higher or lower.

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