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The spinal column is composed of 26 bones that are all cushioned by discs. These discs work to keep the bones protected by absorbing any shock from regular activities like lifting, walking and twisting. Weakness or injury can cause the inner part of your disc to protrude from the outer ring, causing you discomfort and pain. When the pain is severe, you might need to undergo surgery to help correct the problem and can schedule your surgery with I Need A Surgery at an Ambulatory Surgery Center near you.

How do I know if I need a microdiscectomy?

Common symptoms relating to a herniated disc include:

  • Numbness and pain, often single-sided
  • Pain that grows worse in the evening
  • Pain extending into your legs or arms
  • Pain that gets worse when sitting or standing
  • Weakness in your muscles
  • Pain when trying to walk for a short distance
  • Aching, tingling or burning in your back

How is the microdiscectomy procedure performed?

In cases where pain medication isn’t doing the trick, surgery can often help to solve the problem. The surgeon will go in and remove the part of the disc that is protruding or damaged without having to take the entire disc out.

What is recovery like after a microdiscectomy?

Make sure that you take the necessary time to heal before trying to lift anything. It takes about six weeks before you are able to return to everything that you once did. You will need to engage in strengthening exercises to help strengthen your back, abdomen and leg muscles. Avoid sitting for a long period of time. You need to get up on occasion and stretch your muscles. When lifting, lift with your knees, not at the waist.

How much does a microdiscectomy cost?

I Need A Surgery can get you the procedure through the Surgery Center Network for $9,500, versus having to pay $95,000 if you were to book the procedure through the hospital on your own. Pricing is exclusive of any implants or other hardware and is only an average. Your actual cost might be higher or lower.

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