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Knee Microfracture

Microfracture knee repair is a type of surgery that is aimed at treating damaged cartilage in your knee. If you are suffering from pain caused by damaged cartilage, this type of knee surgery might be best suited for you. To schedule your knee microfracture surgery, contact I Need A Surgery today.

  • Patients that have swelling or pain due to damaged cartilage
  • Patients that have a limited amount of damage
  • Patients who are normally active but aren’t able to participate in regular activities due to their symptoms

How is a knee microfracture performed?

Microfracture surgery is part of arthroscopic knee surgery. The area where the surgery is being performed will need to be prepped by having any damaged cartilage removed. The area where the procedure is being performed should have healthy tissue surrounding the damaged tissue. A small pick is used to help create the small holes in your bone. The amount of holes in your bone depends largely upon the size of the area that needs to be treated. Most of the time, those who have an area of damage equal to one to two centimeters will need anywhere from five to 15 holes drilled into the bone.

What is recovery like after a knee microfracture?

You have to limit the amount of weight you place on the knee following the procedure. In doing so, the cells will be able to grow in the area that was treated. Weight-bearing is often limited for the first six to eight weeks after surgery. For some individuals, it can take four to six months before you are able to return to any sporting activities.

After surgery, movement exercises are initiated early. If the microfracture was performed on the groove of the kneecap or the kneecap itself, motion is going to be restricted for quite some time.

How much does knee microfracture surgery cost?

Knee microfracture surgery can cost as much as $50,000 when performed at a hospital. Schedule your procedure with I Need A Surgery and you will pay an average up-front price of just $4,860.

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