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Knee Arthroscopy

One of the most commonly used surgical procedures for treating knee injuries is arthroscopic knee surgery, which uses a thin fiber-optic camera to view the underlying structure of your knee. If you are suffering from knee pain due to age or injury, you can schedule your arthroscopic knee surgery with I Need A Surgery today.

How do I know if I need knee arthroscopy?

Overuse, injuries, weakness and growing old can all cause problems with your knees. You might also experience discomfort and pain. Thanks to this minimally invasive knee surgery, knee problems such as cartilage wear and tears in the meniscus can be taken care of. Arthroscopy can provide you with the relief you need for pain in your knees and improve mobility in the joint. The main benefit of the procedure is to help you maintain your active lifestyle without all of the pain and discomfort.

How is knee arthroscopy performed?

Small incisions are made to perform this minimally invasive knee surgery. During the surgery, the surgeon will insert an arthroscope into the knee joint. An image is sent to a monitor, so that way the surgeon can view the knee structure. An arthroscopy can feel, remove and repair any tissues that are damaged using small instruments inserted into the incisions.

What is recovery like after knee arthroscopy?

Once you can take in fluids, walk on crutches and urinate, you can go home. Most of the time, patients go home the day of the surgery. The knee is wrapped with a bandage to minimize pain and swelling and keep the knee protected. Ice helps to prevent pain. Two days after your surgery, you will visit the physical therapist. Pain medication will help with your pain.

Elevate your knee when resting to minimize swelling. Use crutches for walking to help prevent undue stress to the joint. The physical therapist will recommend special equipment after the surgery. Recovery depends on the individual. Most of the time, you can return to work in a week. Normal activities can be resumed in a month or two.

How much does knee arthroscopy cost?

Knee arthroscopy can end up costing you $42,400 in confusing medical bills when performed at a hospital. By scheduling your knee surgery at an ambulatory surgery center with I Need A Surgery, you will pay an average cost of only $4,240.

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