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Incisional Hernia

Hernias often occur near the center of your abdominal wall. However, bulging can take place anywhere in your core. Many of these hernias are called incisional hernias in that they form around the healed parts of old surgical incisions where your skin has thinned or weakened. If you’re suffering with pain or discomfort caused by an incisional hernia, save money on your surgery with I Need A Surgery at an Ambulatory Surgery Center near you.

How do I know if I need incisional hernia surgery?

While some hernias may not cause a lot of physical pain, there are others that can leave you in excruciating pain. Common symptoms of these hernias include:

  • Mild discomfort in the abdomen
  • Pain in your abdominal wall
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Incisional hernias are those that occur near old surgical sites on your body.

How is the incisional hernia procedure performed?

An anesthetic is given before the procedure to help prepare you for the surgery. With incisional hernia surgery, an incision is made in the abdomen for the surgeon to gain access to the hernia. The tissue is pushed back into position. A wire mesh is sewn in to help keep everything in position. Your incision is then sutured shut to ensure proper healing.

What is recovery like after an incisional hernia?

After going through an incisional hernia procedure, you might need to take some time to rest and recover before going back to your normal activities. Often times, it takes a few weeks before you are able to do all of those things that you once did before the hernia occurred.

How much does an incisional hernia cost?

I Need A Surgery can get you the procedure through the Surgery Center Network for $4,900, versus having to pay $49,000 if you were to book the procedure through the hospital on your own. Pricing is exclusive of any implants or other hardware and is only an average. Your actual cost might be higher or lower.

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