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Hip Arthroscopy

Many individuals who are struggling with a painful condition in their hip end up undergoing hip arthroscopy surgery to help correct the problem – especially when it seems that non-surgical treatments aren’t getting the job done. Non-surgical treatment consists of physical therapy, rest, injections or medications to help minimize swelling and inflammation. You can schedule your hip arthroscopy surgery with I Need A Surgery today.

How do I know if I need hip arthroscopy?

If your hip is inflamed, you might be dealing with some form of disease or injury affecting the joint. When the joint is injured, the inflammation will cause pain, stiffness and swelling. Hip arthroscopy can help to relieve any painful symptoms relating to a number of problems causing damage to the articular cartilage, labrum and other soft tissues around your hip joint. Even though the damage can occur from an injury, it is often the result of other conditions like:

  • Hip joint infection
  • Loose bodies
  • Snapping hip syndromes
  • Dysplasia
  • Synovitis
  • Femoroacetabular impingement

How is the hip arthroscopy procedure performed?

To begin, your leg is put in traction to make sure it is pulled far enough from the socket to allow the hip surgeon to see your joint, insert the necessary instruments, and perform any necessary treatment. Once the traction has been applied, the hip surgeon will puncture a small hole into your hip to insert the arthroscope. Using this device, the damage inside of your hip can be identified and repaired.

What is recovery like after hip arthroscopy?

Following the surgery, you will spend an hour or two in the recovery room before you are allowed to go home. Someone is going to have to drive you and remain with you for at least one night. Expect to spend time on crutches, or using a walker, for at least a little bit of time. A plan of rehabilitation will be determined based on the extent of the surgery required. Physical therapy is often needed to attain the best results.

How much does hip arthroscopy cost?

If you have the procedure done in a hospital, you can expect to spend $59,000. Managed care facilities are less at $14,750. However, I Need A Surgery can get you the procedure done for an average up-front cost of $5,900.

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