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Elbow Arthroscopy

Since back in the 1980s, elbow arthroscopy has been performed by surgeons. It has made diagnosing, treating and recovering from surgery much simpler and faster than what it once was. Every year, improvements are being made to this procedure as new techniques and instruments are being released. Three different joints make up your elbow joint: the humerus, radius and ulna. If you need elbow arthroscopy surgery, I Need A Surgery can schedule it for you.

How do I know if I need elbow arthroscopy?

Elbow arthroscopy might be recommended if you have a type of condition that isn’t responding to nonsurgical methods. Injury, age-related wear and tear, and overuse are the main culprits of elbow problems. The surgical procedure can help to relieve a number of different symptoms causing damage to the surface of the cartilage and various other tissues in the joint. The surgery is also used to help remove any loose pieces of cartilage and bone, as well as release scar tissue limiting movement.

How is the elbow arthroscopy procedure performed?

The elbow joint is filled with fluid first. This allows the elbow surgeons to see the structures of your joint a lot clearer. It also helps to lessen the chance of injury to the nerves and blood vessels around the elbow joint. Several incisions are made for the instruments and the arthroscope. Once the surgeon has identified the problem, other small instruments are inserted to repair the issue.

Special instruments are used for cutting, shaving, grasping, knot tying, and suture passing. Sutures are used to close the incisions and skin tape is applied. Depending on your specific procedure, elbow surgeons will put a plaster splint on the elbow to restrict any movement or put a soft dressing on it that allows you to move.

What is recovery like after elbow arthroscopy?

After the surgery, you will spend an hour or two recovering under supervision before you are released to go home. The nurse will monitor your response to pain medication and how you are doing overall. In the discharge instructions, you will be given info on pain medication, elevation, ice and dressing care. Someone will have to drive you home and stay with you overnight. It can take weeks for the joint to recover fully.

How much does elbow arthroscopy cost?

If you were to have the surgery done in a hospital, you would spend $42,400 on the procedure. Managed care facilities run for about $10,600, while the same surgery through I Need A Surgery averages only $4,240.

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