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Distal claviculectomy (Mumford)

Most of the time, this surgery is used for removing a portion, if not all, of your clavicle, i.e. your collarbone. Often times, this clavicle removal surgery will be used for those who need to remove around ½ inch of the clavicle closest to the shoulder joint to help relieve pain attributed to arthritis. Schedule your surgery with a local ambulatory surgery center through I Need A Surgery.

How do I know if I need a distal claviculectomy?

If arthritis in your shoulder joint is causing the clavicle to degenerate, you might need to have part of your shoulder bone removed to provide you with pain relief. In doing so, it also allows the joint to move more fluently. Anyone who has a tremendous amount of pain and limited movement from arthritis might need to have this shoulder surgery performed.

How is the distal claviculectomy procedure performed?

If you need arthroscopic shoulder surgery, the surgeon will give you a general anesthetic. Three to four small incisions are made in your skin to insert instruments and cameras. Once part of the clavicle is removed, the body replaces the missing bone with scar tissue as time goes by. This helps to ensure any missing bones aren’t going to cause you injuries down the road.

What is recovery like after a distal claviculectomy?

After the shoulder surgery, you might be eligible to leave the hospital that same day, provided that you feel stable and are able to control the pain using medication. Slings are often worn for about six weeks following the procedure. You will also go through shoulder exercises to help restore movement to your shoulder.

How much does a distal claviculectomy cost?

If you were to have the surgery performed in a hospital setting, it will cost you $66,000. Even though a managed care facility might be less at $16,500, you are only going to spend an average of $6,600 on the procedure when scheduled at an ambulatory surgery center with I Need A Surgery.

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