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Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal tunnel release is a type of surgery that is used for treating pain and loss of sensation in the carpal tunnel by alleviating the pressure on your median nerve. This wrist surgery is generally a mini-open procedure involving a small incision, however the incision size will vary depending on your situation. If you are experiencing any wrist pain and limitations due to carpal tunnel, you can schedule your surgery with an Ambulatory Surgery Center at I Need A Surgery.

How do I know if I need a carpal tunnel release?

The compression of the nerve can cause numbness, tingling and pain in your fingers, thumb and hand. A burning sensation or pain in the wrist, hand or forearm that intensifies as you engage in regular activities normally signifies a problem with the carpal tunnel. As the muscles around your thumb start losing strength and shrinking, you won’t be as strong as you once were. It can cause problems being able to grab onto objects and make a fist.

How is the carpal tunnel release procedure performed?

A small incision is normally made in the palm of your hand to gain access to the carpal ligament. A device is inserted into the incision between the median nerve and the carpal ligament. Throughout the procedure, a guide helps to protect the median nerve and allow the surgeon the space needed to cut the carpal ligament to help relieve some of the stress on the nerve. Sutures are used to close the incision, and your wrist will be placed into a splint.

What is recovery like after carpal tunnel release?

Since the procedure is done as an outpatient, you won’t have to worry about staying in the hospital. After your hand has enough time to heal, rehabilitation will be started. This therapy is necessary to help rebuild your wrist strength.

How much does carpal tunnel release cost?

I Need A Surgery can get you the procedure through the Surgery Center Network for $2,990, versus having to pay $29,900 if you were to book the procedure through the hospital on your own. Pricing is exclusive of any implants or other hardware and is only an average. Your actual cost might be higher or lower.

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