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Tibial Plateau Fracture Repair (Scope)

The tibia is the largest bone in your lower leg. A fracture to the tibia can result in extreme physical pain and an inability to walk or move around comfortably. Surgery is required to repair the fracture and restore the use of your leg. You can schedule your tibial plateau fracture surgery with I Need A Surgery to save yourself time and money.

How do I know if I need a tibial plateau fracture repair?

These particular fractures often occur after a car accident, fall, sporting injury and various other activities. Tibial plateau fracture surgery can help to correct the displaced bone and allow it to heal.

How is the tibial plateau fracture repair procedure performed?

A displaced fracture is often going to require you to undergo surgery on the bone to help restore alignment and stability in the knee joint and realign your bones. There are a number of different options available, depending on the overall fracture pattern.

In surgery, plates and screws are inserted into the bone that is fractured. If the bones aren’t too far off, the procedure might be able to be treated using a small incision. When the displacement is too great, a larger incision is needed to put the fragments together. If only one piece of the bone is broken, screws are often all that is needed. When added support is needed, plates are used to help support the bone fragments during the healing process.

What is recovery like after a tibial plateau fracture repair?

Recovering from leg surgery can take months at a time. Due to all of the cartilage involved in the joint, your knee has to be protected from any weight until the site has time to heal properly. Patients can move the knee joint, but cannot put weight onto the leg for three months. Limitations vary based on your specific type of fracture and the healing needed.

How much does a tibial plateau fracture repair cost?

When having your leg surgery performed at a hospital, you may end up spending about $61,300. Schedule your tibial plateau fracture repair with I Need A Surgery and lock in an average price of just $6,130.

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