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Mandibular Osteotomy

Are you having trouble biting down? Have you noticed that your teeth aren’t seeming to fit together correctly? When orthodontics aren’t able to correct your bite on their own, surgery might be what you need to correct the problem. To effectively correct the alignment of your teeth and your bite, schedule your surgery today with I Need A Surgery at an Ambulatory Surgery Center near you.

How do I know if I need a mandibular osteotomy?

When the bones of your jaws and face are out of alignment, it can affect the way you bite down. If orthodontics can’t correct the problem, surgery can help to realign the manner in which your upper and lower jaw join together.

How is the mandibular osteotomy performed?

Using a general anesthetic, you are completely asleep for the procedure. A cut is made in the gums behind the back teeth so the surgeon can gain access to your jawbone. Your lower jaw will then be cut using a small saw that allows it to be broken, albeit in a more controlled manner. Your jaw is then moved into the right position and held there using metal screws and plates.

On occasion, it might be necessary to make a small incision along your face for the screws to be put into place. Most of the time, you only need a single suture to hold everything back together. Your gums inside of your mouth are then sutured back together using dissolvable sutures that can take a bit before falling out.

What is recovery like after a mandibular osteotomy?

Surprisingly, the surgery isn’t all that painful. However, you will be sore and often need painkillers to help you cope. For the first few weeks following the surgery, the discomfort is often the worst. After a couple weeks, it will disappear entirely. You will be given antibiotics via an injection while you are still in the hospital. When sent home, you will also get some antibiotics to take.

Right after the operation, your face is going to be swollen and tight, you won’t be able to open your mouth all the way and your jaw is going to be stiff. Your throat will be sore and it can be difficult to swallow in the beginning. For the first few days, expect to feel awful. Bruising and swelling is common. Use a cold compress and sleep upright for the first few days.

How much does a mandibular osteotomy cost?

I Need A Surgery can get you the procedure through the Surgery Center Network for $12,400, versus having to pay $124,000 if you were to book the procedure through the hospital on your own. Pricing is exclusive of any implants or other hardware and is only an average. Your actual cost might be higher or lower.

Schedule your mandibular osteotomy with I Need A Surgery

If you are having trouble biting down and closing your jaw properly, you might need a mandibular osteotomy. Fill out the contact form to schedule the surgery and begin the path to recovery and a pain-free lifestyle.


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