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Knee Arthroscopy with Lateral Release

Your kneecap moves around in the groove whenever your knee bends. Age or injury can cause your kneecap to shift or dislocate, resulting in pain and discomfort. A lateral release is a type of surgery that works to realign your kneecaps and restore a comfortable range of motion. If you are in need of this minimally invasive knee surgery, schedule it with I Need A Surgery now

How do I know if I need a knee arthroscopy with lateral release?

In certain instances, the kneecap isn’t positioned properly. It is outside of where it is supposed to be. Whenever the kneecap isn’t sliding right within its groove, pain and irritation can ensue. Several different things can make the kneecap fall out of position, most commonly that of a tight tissue that is attached at the outer part of the knee.

The procedure is best for those suffering with excessive tilt of the patella. If the lateral retinaculum isn’t loose enough, it works like a tether to pull the kneecap into place. This minimally invasive knee surgery cuts through the retinaculum and lets the knee sit in its groove properly.

How is the knee arthroscopy with lateral release performed?

This orthopedic knee surgery is performed using three small incisions around your kneecap. On the interior part of the knee, an incision is made in the lateral retinaculum. This allows the kneecap to straighten itself out. Releasing the tissues helps to eliminate the strain from the tissues that are causing you problems.

What is recovery like after knee arthroscopy with lateral release?

After the surgery, the knee is put into a brace that is locked in position. To minimize swelling and pain, you can bear weight on your leg partially using crutches. Your first visit after the knee surgery takes place in about a week or two. After you begin physical therapy, you won’t have to wear the knee brace anymore. You can resume putting weight on your knee through the direction of a physical therapist.

How much does a knee arthroscopy with lateral release cost?

At a hospital, you can spend upwards of $50,000 on your knee surgery. With I Need A Surgery, your surgery will be scheduled with an ambulatory surgery center for an average cost of only $4,860.

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